A Healthier Mama

No, I’m not sick, nor was I ever, but I just don’t want to tempt fate.

I always seem to be constantly starting along a healthier path, but slip back a notch then try to recover.

Before becoming a Mama, I had a bad health scare. The type that made me break out in hives, and enough to make me quit smoking after 18 years of doing so. The next journey to health was to become a Mama. It wasn’t easy (read here: Age, Fertility and All That Jazz) But we went vegetarian and did detox as part of our homeopathic protocol, and eventually did get pregnant! Hallelujah!

8 years, one more health scare (just a scare again, thank God!) and another baby later, I find myself with more resolve to get healthier.

Now you have to understand (or I at least have to justify my voracious appetite), I am still breastfeeding my 19-month old daughter, and my brain still thinks that I am that young, pseudo-athlete who can eat anything, and not gain weight. And since breastfeeding actually burns 500 calories a day, I am not as huge as you’d think I would be, given how hungry I always am, and how much I eat.

After the latest health scare in 2017, and after watching Forks Over Knives and What the Health on Netflix, I decided to go vegetarian. Again. Not that difficult really, as I don’t really like meat. I have never craved for steak, don’t understand the fuss over lechon, and, as a child, thought chicken was gross, because, well, it looked like a chicken! So it’s been over a year of being mostly vegetarian, eating seafood when it is convenient. I’d like to eventually wean myself off of seafood and be completely vegetarian this year.

While it would be nice to go back to my college body, my main goal this time, is to live a healthier, longer life! I was already the oldest parent at my son’s preschool, who knew I’d top it with my daughter? When she turns 18, I will be 60! We can celebrate and drink together then, and I want to be able to still outdrink her…oh, I mean…be healthy as a horse when that time comes! I could only have wished to have that moment with my own mother, who passed away too soon, at the age of 43. The very same age that I am now.

So the road to a healthier mama for my 2 crazies, continues. It won’t be perfect. I will fall-off the wagon a few times. But gosh darnit, I will stick to it this time.


My 2 crazies.





2 thoughts on “A Healthier Mama

  1. Good luck, cuz! The Forks Over Knives documentary was instrumental for us going veg four years ago. We did because of a health scare for my hubby. I can honestly say with Impossible burgers and other “meat” substitutes, we really don’t miss meat.

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